Bypass Windows 11 Secure Boot and TPM requirements

For a new install, follow steps below to add necessary registry values during installation. For an in-place upgrade, just add the registry entries then upgrade normally. You may not need all 3 values, depending on your setup.

1. Begin installation normally, until you get message “This PC can’t run Windows 11”

2. Press Shift + F10 to open command prompt. Enter regedit to open Registry Editor


4. Right click Setup folder, then add a new key named LabConfig

5. On right-side pane, right-click and add 3 new 32-bit DWORD values called:

  • BypassTPMCheck
  • BypassSecureBootCheck
  • BypassRAMCheck

Set Value data to 1 on all of them.

6. Close regedit, type exit in command prompt to close it

7. Click back arrow on error message window, then finish installation.